List of Universities in Sydney

Sydney universities have an excellent reputation for providing internationally recognised qualifications in a wide range of academic areas. Many of the universities in Sydney Australia have excellent levels of instruction across a range of disciplines.

The decision about which of the Sydney universities is the most suitable can be made by thinking about what academic area you want to study. If you choose to attend one of the top universities in Sydney Australia you can already be sure you are getting a quality education so the only important decision to make is the area of study and the particular study program to be followed.

Click on the links to see what each of the Sydney universities has to offer and for more information visit the good university rankings website.

  University of New South Wales  [UNSW]

  University of Sydney  [SYDNEY]

  Macquarie University  [MACQUARIE]

  University of Technology Sydney  [UTS]

  University of Western Sydney  [UWS]